Barnard now has formally-recorded land records online, available for easy search, viewing and printing!
Online land records are available from present back to Book 32, April 6, 1955. These books represent all typed (versus handwritten) documents. If you need to search land records prior, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Town Clerk to do a physical search. Please also keep in mind that the online records do not include Parcel File information. Parcel Files typically include such items as address change notifications, old septic records, associated building information, etc. To view Parcel Files you need to make an appointment with the Town Clerk.
Also, the system has the capability for Barnard property owners to set up a FREE Property Fraud Alert service. With Property Fraud Alert activated on your property, you will receive an email when a document is filed in the Barnard Town Clerk's office with your name on it. You can sign up for this service on the main landing page.
Click HERE to go to the Official Barnard Land Records website. Instructions on various features of the website are on the main landing page. Please be aware there is a fee to print land records. You can use your credit card. This fee helps Barnard defray the costs of the service. If you experience any technical issues with the service, please do not call the Barnard Town Offices for support. Instead, please call Avenu Online Helpline at 1-866-211-1802. Tell them you need help with the US Land Records for Barnard, Vermont.