Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is an advisory body established to help protect and enhance Barnard’s natural and cultural resources. The Commission may do things like make inventories of the town’s natural resources including lands that have agricultural, scientific, historical, educational, or cultural value or important; provide ecosystem services like groundwater recharge, stormwater control, flood protection, wildlife habitat and other values; receive gifts of land for conservation purposes; assist and advise the Planning Commission and Selectboard on natural resource issues; and encouraging the public’s understanding of their local environment through educational activities.

The Conservation Commission is appointed by the Selectboard for 3-year terms.

Conservation Commission Members are:

  • Douglas Blain (2027)
  • Secretary Ariana Ruch (2026)
  • Dean Edmunds (2025)
  • Vice Chair - Edythe Wright (2027)
  • Colin Ruch (2025)
  • Chair - Kate Reeves (2027)
  • Callee Simpson (2027)