Development Review Board

The Development Review Board meets on an as-needed basis on issues of development and zoning. Hearings are generally scheduled on the third Thursday of the month but may be held at other times. The DRB reviews conditional uses, projects located in floodplain, major subdivisions, and requests for waivers or variances for projects that cannot reasonably meet the requirements of the zoning regulations. The DRB also hears appeals of decisions of the zoning administrator.

Development Review Board Members are:

  • Edythe Wright (2027)

  • Doreen Hurley (2027)
  • Teo Zagar - Chair (2025)
  • Kurt Lessard (2025)
  • Ellen Miles - Vice Chair (2026) 
  • Greg Boulbol (Alternate 2027)
  • Justin Park (Alternate 2027)
  • Doug Blain (Alternate 2027)