Dog and Wolf-Hybrids Ordinance

Adopted by the Selectboard on May 27, 2015, the Dogs Ordinance regulates the keeping of dogs (and wolf hybrids) and provides for their leashing, muzzling, restraint, impoundment, and destruction and their running at large, so as to protect the public health and safety of the Town and the quiet enjoyment of its residents’ homes and properties.

The Ordinance establishes five different categories of “Nuisances,” mandates the licensing and collaring of dogs, and defines the penalties for various offenses.

 Road & Bridge Standards

The Road & Bridge Standards apply to the construction, repair, and maintenance of Town roads. They are a list of minimum technical and safety standards that involve the roads themselves, ditches and slopes, culverts and bridges, and guardrails.

 Unified Zoning & Subdivision Regulations

As Adopted by Town Vote November 6, 2012, the Unified Zoning & Subdivision Regulations are intended to “encourage and provide for the appropriate and orderly use and development of all waters, lands and buildings in the Town in a manner which will promote and protect the public health, safety, prosperity, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of its citizens and residents,” while protecting natural resources, public health, and the environment, and protecting against accidents and other harm that certain land uses could potentially cause.