Plans & Policies

Policies Governing the Selectboard, Town Committees, and Doing Business with the Town.


 Town Plan

The Barnard Town Plan aims to help the citizens of Barnard better define and direct the future of their community. It is a planning tool that provides a vision of what the community should be and is used by town boards, commissions, departments, developers and businesses in a number of ways, including:

  • Serve as a basis for responding to state Act 250 (land use) and Act 248 (public utility) permit requests;
  • Provide the required rationale and justification to apply for state grants;
  • Guide decision-making in local site plan and conditional use review; and
  • Establish the framework for developing zoning and subdivision bylaws. 

Town plans are developed and approved by the Planning Commission, adopted by the Selectboard, and certified as consistent with state planning goals by the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission.

The current Barnard Town Plan was adopted on May 15, 2024 and is valid for 8 years.

 Town Hall Rental Policy and Application

Residents and taxpayers of Barnard may rent the town hall for private use. Hall rental includes use of a full kitchen, chairs, and banquet tables. A non-refundable rental fee is $250 per day, a cleaning fee of $75, and a refundable damage deposit of $200 are required. The combined rental and cleaning fee of $325 and the deposit of $200 must be provided in separate checks. The check for the rental and cleaning fee should bear the date of the application, but the deposit check must bear the date of the event. The rental fee may be waived for non-profit community events but the $75 cleaning fee and the $200 refundable deposit are required of everyone. Other rules governing the rental and clean-up obligations are described in the policy.

 DRB Rules of Procedure and Conflict of Interest Policy

The Development Review Board’s Rules of Procedure and Conflict of Interest Policy were adopted to ensure consistent and fair treatment of applicants and interested persons, and participants, orderly and efficient public proceedings, and compliance with state and federal law, and also ensuring that no board member will gain a personal or financial advantage from his or her work for the board.

 Purchasing Policy

The Selectboard adopted a Purchasing Policy to ensure that the highest quality goods and services are obtained by the Town of Barnard at the lowest possible price by exercising financial control over the purchasing process and allowing for fair and equal opportunity among qualified suppliers. It mandates that no purchase over $5,000 shall be made by any Town officer or employee without approval of the Selectboard, and that all purchases of $100,000 or greater shall be subject to an open bid process.

 Selectboard Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest Policy ensures that the business of the Town of Barnard is conducted in such a way that no public official of the Town will gain a personal or financial advantage from his or her work for the municipality, and so that the public trust in our town officials will be preserved. 

 Social Service Appropriation Policy Town of Barnard

Please see links to Policy and our Template for any content you wish to include in our town report. Content for the town report is preferred by January 1, with an absolute deadline of January 15. Petition deadlines are set by state statute at 47 days in advance of Town Meeting Day, the first Tuesday of March. It is courteous to turn in your petition to the Town Clerk well in advance of the due date.