Permits & Licenses

Many of the rules and laws that govern life and business in Barnard come from the federal and state governments, but some are adopted and implemented by the Town itself. Here are brief descriptions and links (when available digitally) to the various town plans, ordinances, and policies that impact Barnard.

You can find and copy original documents at the Town Office, open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 8am-3:30pm.


 Birth & Death Certificates

Effective July 1, 2019, for security reasons, certified copies of birth and death certificates are available one of the following ways:

Online at: Vermont Vital Records Ordering Service

Vermont State Archives and/or Vermont Vital Records

802-863-7275, toll-free at 800-439-5008

 Burn Permit

If you want to burn on your property in Barnard, you need to have a permit. You can call either of the Fire Wardens to get an open burn permit. Legally, only brush can be burned, and the burning of building materials is not allowed. The Fire Wardens remind you that common sense should always prevail when burning.

 Class 4 Highway Policy & Improvement & Winter Maintenance Permit Applications

If you wish to make improvements or perform winter maintenance on a Barnard Class 4 highway, you must conform with the policy and make an application to the Selectboard per the documents below. Please contact the Town Administrator at or 802-234-9211 x2 to discuss and submit your application. Note that applications must be submitted on time to be publicly warned at a Selectboard Meeting.

 Dog Licenses

By law, all dogs 6 months of age or older must be licensed each year. Licenses are available through the Town Office and may be purchased in person or by mail if there is a current rabies certificate on file.

Licenses must be purchased anytime between January 1st and April 1st. There is a late charge if purchased after April 1st.

In order to license your dog you must present the following items to the Town Clerk:

A copy of a valid rabies certificate (unless one is already on file).  Cash, or a check made payable to “Town of Barnard” for the correct amount.

Fees on or before April 1st:

  • If neutered or spayed:  $9.00
  • If not neutered or spayed:  $13.00

Fees after April 1st:

  • If neutered or spayed:  $13.50
  • If not neutered or spayed:  $19.50

 Hunting & Fishing Licenses

To hunt, fish, or trap in and around Barnard, you need a license from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. More information about hunting and fishing licenses and lotteries can be found on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website, and information on license fees can be found here.

You can buy your license and tags directly from the State online, or in person at a local authorized sales agent.

 Marriage Licenses

To get married in Vermont, you need a marriage license, which are issued in Vermont by town clerks. 

You may get a license from any town clerk in the state.

The license costs $60 (plus $10 for every certified copy) and is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued. During that time period, an authorized person must perform your wedding ceremony — otherwise, the license is void.

For more information about getting married in Vermont, visit Vermont Department of Health.

 Notary Services

Vermont notaries public are appointed by county assistant judges. A list of current notaries in the Town of Barnard is available through the Vermont Secretary of State’s index.

In Barnard, the current Town Clerk is also a notary public, and can be found in the Town Office during open hours (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am to 3:30pm). The phone number is: 234-9211.

 Subdivision Permits

To subdivide property you will need a Subdivision Permit. A distinction is made between boundary line adjustments, minor subdivisions, and major subdivisions. Boundary line adjustments and minor subdivisions can be approved by the Zoning Administrator. A major subdivision is any subdivision resulting in the creation of three or more lots and requires review at a public hearing before the Development Review Board.

Please note that all subdivisions, whether boundary line adjustments, minor subdivisions, or major subdivisions, must be surveyed.

Go HERE to access Subdivision and Zoning Documentation.

 Transfer Station Punch Cards

To drop waste at the Barnard Transfer Station, you have to purchase a punch card in the amount of $54.. When you deposit bags of trash and other waste, the Transfer Station attendant will punch your card for the associated fees. When your card runs out of value, you must purchase another.

Transfer Station punch cards can be purchased at the Transfer Station during open hours, or at the Town Office. Punch cards may only be purchased by check payable to the Town of Barnard. Cash is not accepted.

 Water, Wastewater, and Act 250 Permits

For land use changes that involve water supply, wastewater, and anything that might require an Act 250 permit, the State Department of Environmental Conservation has jurisdiction. The easiest way to determine if you need a permit for any such uses is to contact the local DEC Permit Specialist at: 885-8850.

The goal of the Permit Assistance Specialist is to take the mystery, anxiety, and frustration out of the permit process for businesses and the public. The Specialists give you advice about state permits required for your project and help you find the on-line resources and staff who can help you obtain your permit.

 Zoning Permits

Zoning permits are required for erecting, constructing, enlarging or moving any building or structure, and any change in the use of any building or land (for example, changing from residential use to commercial use).

The current Zoning Administrator is Rob Ramrath and you may contact him by phone at 234-9211 x 2, or . Feel free to call any time. If you leave a voicemail, Rob will call you back quickly.

Most zoning permits can be issued by the Zoning Administrator but some are conditional uses that must be reviewed at a public hearing by the Development Review Board. The Zoning Administrator has up to 30 days to review and approve permit applications. There is an appeal period of 15 days after a zoning permit is issued.

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