Town Offices

Use the Government drop-down menu above to learn about the Selectboard and Selectboard Assistant, other Commissions, Boards and Committees, Town Clerk, Highway Foreman, Justices of the Peace, Transfer Station, and Zoning Administrator.

Below is a quick summary of how our town government works.

How Town Government Works in Barnard

Like most Vermont towns, the Town of Barnard is governed by a Board of Selectmen (or Selectboard) who are elected to staggered 3-year terms at Town Meeting. For many in Barnard, the most visible elected official is the Town Clerk, who is responsible for the day to day work of running the town offices and is the receiver and recorder of public records.

Other elected officials handle other specific aspects of town government. The Assessor is charged with determining the value of real estate and personal property in the town. The town Tax Collector is responsible for billing and receiving property tax payments. The Town Garage and Highway Foreman are responsible for maintaining our town highways and roads. 

The town offices offer access to the Town Clerk, Town Administrator, Zoning Administrator and Assessor, and to all town land records. This basement office space also serves as a public meeting venue for town government officials.

Rent the Town Hall

Upstairs, the renovated hall provides space for the annual March Town Meeting and for other public hearings and meetings. Residents and taxpayers of Barnard may rent the town hall for private use. Hall rental includes use of a full kitchen, chairs, and tables. A Town Hall Rental Policy and Application are provided below.