Planning Commission

The primary responsibilities of the Planning Commission are to update the Town Plan every eight years as required by law and to maintain up-to-date zoning, flood hazard, and subdivision regulations. The Planning Commission also promotes implementation of the Town Plan by proposing projects and applying for grants. A member of the Barnard Planning Commission sits on the board of directors of the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) in Woodstock.

Since the creation of the Development Review Board (DRB) in 2009, the Planning Commission has no direct regulatory authority and does not review development proposals or issue permits.

The seven members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the Selectboard to serve for a three-year term.

The Planning Commission meets on the Monday prior to the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in the Town Office.

Planning Commission Members:

  • Steven Cota, Chair (2026)
  • OPEN (Fredrickson Seat) (2025)
  • Ed Jodice (2025)
  • Kate Reeves Vice Chair (2027)
  • Greyling VanAlstyne (2027)
  • Brooks Wright (2026)
  • Carin Park (2027)